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Tom Phillips



“I have had the pleasure of personally mentoring Tom for the last year. Whilst many people come to me with personal challenges, Tom has been 100% focused on me helping him with his business.
This is great news for everyone that works with Tom because HIS BUSINESS IS PEOPLE! I look forward to watching Tom’s continued growth and undoubted success within the world of NLP.”

– Dr. Richard Bandler –


The study of NLP is about the study of excellence. Tom studied under Dr Bandler personally to receive his Master Practitioner and Trainer licences. Now Tom is being mentored by Dr Bandler personally. So when you train with Tom, you are training with a trainer and coach who has learned from the best there is!

Tom has also regularly assists both Dr Bandler and world famous hypnotist and motivational guru, Paul McKenna at their seminars in London and Orlando.


NLP is my passion. I have been described by others as an inspirational trainer, coach and entrepreneur. Whilst such descriptions are both flattering and humbling, I am just doing what I love. Having enjoyed a very successful 18-year career in pharmaceuticals I set up my first training company, TLP ltd. in 2008. Initially focusing on the pharmaceutical industry, TLP has gone from strength to strength and now works with pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies and The N.H.S. in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


In 2015 I set up my second company, Your Training Inhouse Ltd. which specializes in providing bespoke and open access training and coaching to The N.H.S., an organisation that I care deeply about because of the fantastic work that it does in increasingly challenging circumstances. You can find out more at www.yourtraininginhouse.com


NLP has been a consistent theme throughout my training and I have used many NLP techniques to great effect during my training and coaching sessions.


I have designed and delivered training to individuals ranging from new recruits to directors. I also coach such individuals on a regular basis. Having first learned about NLP early in my career, I became a huge fan of NLP and gained my first certificate as a practitioner in 2008. Since then I have gained further qualifications, culminating in my NLP trainer certificate in March 2016. I gained this by studying with the co creator of NLP himself, Dr Richard Bandler.


Such is my love of training, that in my personal life I am also a qualified fitness and diving instructor. A native of Liverpool, I am a huge Liverpool fan and have held a season ticket at Anfield for 21 years. So I have never seen my beloved club win The Premiership, but ever the eternal optimist, I live in hope!”


 “I look forward to welcoming you on one of my courses soon and sharing my passion with you!”


Tom Phillips 


Tom holds the following training and coaching qualifications:


  • NLP Trainer – The Society for NLP

  • NLP Master Practitioner – The Society for NLP

  • NLP Business Practitioner – The Society for NLP

  • NLP Practitioner – The Society for NLP

  • Advanced Coaching and Mentoring – The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

  • DISC profiling – Thomas International

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator – Oxford Psychological Press

  • Social Styles – Tracom Ltd.

  • Situational Leadership II – The Ken Blanchard Organisation

  • 8 Step Coaching – The Centre for Management Effectiveness

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