Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP™

Our Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP™ programme will give you the skills and insight required to unlock your true potential. If you want to take your career to the next level or if you are thinking about a career in coaching, mentoring or counselling, this is the course for you!

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Our Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP™ programme will give you the skills and insight required to unlock your true potential. If you want to take your career to the next level or if you are thinking about a career in coaching, mentoring or counselling, this is the course for you!

Your journey of self-discovery begins here and the skills you learn will be applicable to both your personal and professional life. You do not need to have any prior understanding of NLP and there is no requirement for pre reading. This programme and our delivery is structured in such a way that you will easily become familiar with the key concepts of NLP and you will have plenty of time to practice the techniques you learn with active feedback from your fellow participants and our trainers.

There are no exams on any of our programmes. This is a “practitioner course” and the emphasis is fixed firmly on giving you plenty of opportunity to practice your skills. By the time you complete you practitioner course you will be confident and competent in your understanding and application of your newfound NLP knowledge and skills.


We are pleased to welcome you to our licensed business practitioner course, which is available in 2 formats.


  • Either our 7-day fast track programme or

  • Our modular programme consisting of modules split over several weeks.

Each day of the programme is structured as follows:


Day 1
On day 1 you will get to know your fellow students as you begin an incredible journey together. Consider and discuss your objectives for attending this licensed business practitioner course. Understand the history of NLP and the massive impact NLP has had on so many people since it was created by Dr Richard Bander over 40 years ago. Learn about the fundamental building blocks of NLP that make NLP such a positive source of change for people all over the world. Learn to help yourself and others (such as colleagues, direct reports, customers and clients) set well formed, powerful goals that can be achieved.


Day 2
Learn about the way in which we all interpret the external world differently using our internal senses. Learn about and practice how to identify how other people represent their model of the world and use this to communicate with them far more effectively by “talking their language”. You will consider how this helps you to perform better within your business when dealing with colleagues, managers, customers and clients.


Day 3
Learn and practice how to build rapport quickly and more effectively by understanding how we all use words, tone and body language differently when communicating with each other.  Consider how you can adapt your communication style to be more effective when dealing with colleagues, managers, customers and clients. Learn and practice how to become more resourceful by entering the right “state” when you want and need to, for example imagine being able to enter a state of extreme confidence when delivering a presentation! You will learn how to create “anchors” for confidence, happiness, relaxation and many more positive states. Learn to move from unhelpful and unwanted to states to helpful and desirable states easily.


Day 4
Learn about how we communicate at a superficial level when discussing all of the deep experiences we have on a  day to day basis. Learn to notice what is actually being said and what is not being said by your colleagues, managers, customers, clients or, indeed, anyone that you need to communicate with, including yourself! Understand how to dive deeper into understanding other people’s model of the world by exploring what they say and what they don’t say.


Day 5
Learn and practice how to use language patterns to be more impactful, effective and persuasive with your communication. Understand and practice how to ask questions that not only generate answers but also generate action in others. How helpful would this be when dealing with colleagues, managers, direct reports, customers and clients?Learn how to use these language patterns to induce positive states in yourself and others.


Day 6
Learn about the sub conscious programmes that we all run, all of the time. Learn how to identify helpful programmes and reproduce them such as “motivation”, “convincing” others (or yourself) and “success”. Learn how to identify unhelpful and unproductive sub conscious programmes and change or eliminate these.


Day 7
Learn about how we all view time and how our timelines can be used enhance future performance. Learn also how to deal with negative events from the past and prevent them from holding you back in the present or the future.

Practice your techniques with your fellow participants and trainers and receive feedback on how to make your application even better!

Finally, as you are about to become a licensed business practitioner of NLP, having just been taught by one of the best teachers around (a guy who learned from the best there is, Dr Richard Bandler) you will consider what you are going to do now in order to take your journey to new and unprecedented levels of success and satisfaction!


F.A.Q. – Should I do the Licensed Business Practitioner or Practitioner course?


This really depends on what you plan to do with your certification? If you want to take your career to new levels of performance or if you want to set up your own business as, say, a coach, mentor, therapist or counsellor, then opt for the Licensed Business Practitioner Course. If you want to improve your life generally then opt for the Licensed Practitioner course.


We are more than happy to help you decide which is the right choice for you. Do not hesitate to contact us on either 0800 2922450 or email us at