Negotiation Skills Masterclass

Our Negotiations Skills Masterclass will teach you everything you need to know about successful negotiations. With ongoing support, after your masterclass, to help prepare for your real life negotiations!

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“Let us never fear to negotiate. But let us never negotiate in fear.”

John F Kennedy



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Whether you are new to negotiations or a seasoned negotiator, our 2-day negotiation skills masterclass will take your ability to negotiate to the next level!


This extremely interactive masterclass combines theory and role play with practical application to your own real life negotiation scenarios. Over 2 days you will learn how to:


– See things from the other person’s perspective when planning to negotiate.


– Design W.I.N. – W.I.N. outcomes for you and your customers or clients.


– Get customers or clients saying “yes” from the very outset.


– Use different negotiation styles to achieve collaborative outcomes.


– Identify variables, other than price, that you can trade during negotiations.


– Flex your communication style when dealing with different types of negotiator.


– Deal with difficult negotiators.


– When to walk away from the negotiation table.

and more ….


In addition we will offer you a 30 minute consultation call after your workshop, to plan your next real life negotiation!


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