What is NLP?


NLP is about “Thinking on purpose” – Dr Richard Bandler


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NLP is a set of extremely powerful principles and techniques that have helped millions of people to lead more fulfilled and happier lives. Whether that be their personal lives or professional lives or both. Indeed, one of the massive benefits of NLP is that when we apply NLP to one part of our lives, it inevitably has a beneficial effect on other parts of our lives.


Neuro refers to our brains and the way in which we think. Our brains process everything we experience via our senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste) and gives those experiences meaning. As we develop from children into adults we learn to “think” in certain ways at certain times. Sometimes these though patterns are helpful, sometimes they are not. Understanding and applying NLP allows us to identify helpful thought patterns and change or eliminate unhelpful thought patterns.


Linguistic refers to the language we use to communicate with others and more importantly, ourselves. We spend a lot of time talking to ourselves and that little voice inside our head is so powerful! Understanding and applying NLP can help us to ensure that that little voice is encouraging and supportive, rather than negative and critical. NLP can also help us to communicate far more effectively with others such as our partners, children, parent, colleagues, customers and clients.


Programming refers to the way in which we carry out action in our day to day lives.  Our programming is determined by our thoughts and feelings at any given time. Understanding and applying NLP helps us to take positive action to achieve our life goals and also allows us to eliminate any negative actions we may take by understanding and changing the though patterns that drive the action.


“NLP is the subconscious difference that makes the difference” – John Grinder


NLP was developed in the 1970’s by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They were fascinated by the study of excellence in others, especially 3 leading experts in the field of human development at the time, Milton Erikson, a clinical hypnotist, Virginia Satir, a family therapist and Fritz Perls, a psychiatrist who is responsible for the development of Gestalt therapy.


Since its inception in the 70’s NLP has become a worldwide phenomenon that has helped millions of people to enhance the quality of their lives and their performance in work. Some very famous people have used NLP in their lives such as:


The comedian Jimmy Carr who studied to become a therapist before becoming a comedian.


Cheryl Cole used NLP to rebuild her confidence after her divorce from Ashley Cole and being dropped by from the X Factor in America.


Entrepreneur, actress and TV host Oprah Winfrey uses NLP techniques to motivate herself and build rapport with her audiences.


Comedian Russel Brand has used NLP to overcome his problems with addiction.


Singing mega star Pharrel Williams uses NLP when writing new music.


Numerous sports personalities such as Steven Gerrard, Johnny Wilkinson and Andre Agassi have used NLP to take their already incredible performances to a new level of excellence.


Tony Robbins, one of the world’s most successful personal development experts learned NLP with Dr Richard Bandler himself and regularly uses NLP during his seminars and with his private clients.


World famous hypnotist, author and self-help guru Paul McKenna also studied NLP with Dr Bandler and the 2 still work together regularly to deliver amazing and inspirational seminars.


NLP can benefit individuals, teams and organisations in so many ways.


How NLP Can help you.


Personal Development – taking your life to new levels of happiness and fulfillment and dealing with some of the things that might get in the way such as limiting beliefs, phobias and unpleasant memories.


Business Development – enhancing your performance in your chosen career, improving your ability to set and achieve stretching goals, overcoming setbacks, enhancing your communication, improving team performance, coaching and so much more.


Relationships – helping you to understand and communicate more effectively with partners, children, parents, colleagues, managers, clients, customers and, of course, yourself!


Well-being – A healthy body definitely stems from a healthy mind. NLP will help to get your mind right.


Achieving excellence – NLP is all about the study of excellence. You may never achieve perfection, but you can live a life that is far more fulfilling.



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